Thursday, May 3, 2012

SEE's Tour Kick OFF

I want to start off with a quick apology. I began this blog in the midst of preparing for SEE’s release and needless to say that project has taken more time than I imagined, but now two days before this launch I see plenty of time on the horizon for blogging!
I also want to send out a ‘thank you’ to all of the fantastic readers that have been emailing and posting questions about Insight 4’s release date. Seeing your words truly brightens my day!
I realize that releasing a new series while still writing my original series may raise a few questions so, I thought today I would explain, or at least try, how SEE came to be, and simultaneously reassure you that the Insight series has a very long future,  if anything the characters of SEE have expanded the story of the Insight series - taking the story line into deeper, broader directions, to places that I have even yet to grasp completely.
When I began writing Insight, it was like falling in love, the skies were bluer, the air was clearer, the radio seemed to play every song that could possibly remind me of my new passion. The first draft of Insight came to life inside of a few short months, in that same year both Embody and Image were also written. 
Around the time Image was competed I began my venture into publishing options, then actual publishing, needless to say my time to daydream or write had been temporarily sieged by the technical side of this business. Once everything was settled and Insight was off to meet the world I began to write Insight 4, it was a slow process at first because I was keeping a close eye on big sister, Insight, making sure I was marketing her to the best of my limited ability if you will. 
After 5 weeks of writing and only reaching the half way point in Insight 4’s manuscript I decided to take a deep breath and read the entire series to the point where I had written Insight 4. It was a fantastic experience for me, because sometimes as I writer I look so far ahead in the story that I forget the little clues (easter eggs) I left for myself in past novels. Long story short this adventure sent my imagination running wild, I was in love again! The stress of publishing had been washed away by the powerful flow of my muse.
 On the horizon I could clearly see new characters coming into the Insight series. I could feel their depth, passion, compassion....I could see so many answered questions with their arrival, along with new beginnings.
The question was, who were they, and where have they been in their lives while Willow had faced her demons, in some cases quite literally. After a couple days of daydreaming I began to hash out a few notes, three weeks later, I was looking at 100,000 word novel. You see, though I saw several new characters, I felt there was a lead to these fresh faces, and I quickly discovered this new lead was Charlie Myers...I wanted to know her story, why her fate would collide with Willow’s, how wide the net I’d cast had reached if you will.
Charlie was eager to take control of my muse, not long after I finished the first draft of SEE, I began and finished Witness, the second novel in Charlie’s story. At that point I finished Insight 4 within a matter of days. Charlie had not only opened my eyes, but helped me open Willow’s, she had set a course that would reveal the core of the evil that had entangled both Charlie and Willow’s fates.
The point where these two stories collide is in SEE 3 and INSIGHT 5, but the quest to find Willow comes long before that point for Charlie, and in Insight 4 Willow is told that the scroll is predicting twins, twins that can see everything that had brought you to this point in your existence, not life. Those of you who have come to know Willow can only imagine how eager Willow was to explore this idea, before Willow had a chance to change her course the Universe put her in a position that thrust Charlie, and all those with her into the world of Esterious, as well as the lair that cold darkness is bred.
I’m honored to tell both Willow Haywood and Charlie Myers stories, and eager for all of you to come to know Charlie as well as you do Willow.
With the help of some fantastic bloggers I’m setting the stage for Charlie. SEE is now on tour and I have some great prizes to give away! 
There will be a drawing on each stop for an ebook of SEE along with some fun swag, guitar picks and book marks.
At the end of the tour I will draw one name form all of the comments to win a signed printed copy of both SEE and Insight - along with a 25$ gift card to AMAZON, and of course bookmarks and guitar picks.
Be sure to stop by these great blogs for you chance to win.
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May 17th - Ya Holic ( interview)
I look forward to your insight on SEE ( did you catch that play on words!) On these AMAZING BLOGS!
Also here is the tentative plan for releases this year - SEE on May 5h, Witness (SEE 2) in July, Insight 4 in October. As soon as I have confirmed dates I will let you know!
P.S you can enter the contest by comment on this blog as well :)


  1. Great. So glad I could participate in this blogtour :)
    Looking forward to read more of your books :) Keep up the good work :)

  2. Wow, I am just hearing about these books. Can't wait to read them. New Follower!

  3. Congrats on the new book, I cant wait to read it!! I love Willows story and cant wait to meet Charlie :)

  4. So sorry for the delay in my response, my smart phone is not smart enough to remember who I am when I try to comment lol. Moonstar, I'm so excited about your stop - thank you so much! Red Headed Bookworm ~ THANK YOU FOR THE FOLLOW :)! Nat you rock I can't wait to see what you think of Charlie :)!!

  5. I have to admit that i have never heard about your debut novel, before. I just found you from Stacey's blog (Sassy Books Lovers) and love the story. Or i have to say, actually, i'm hook on your See's cover. Gorgeuous!

    Congratulations on your new release, Jamie! ^^

  6. I am really looking forward to read this book. It looks intense and so intriguing!
    Thanks for the blogtour :)
    by.evie at yahoo dot com dot br

  7. I love the guitar picks. Congrats on the book.

  8. I absolutely need to get your books! :D

  9. OK I hate to admit this, but I need to have this book as part of my TBR list now :)

  10. See sounds awesome and comes highly recommended by Paranormal Reads. Good luck with your debut!

  11. Thank you everyone! I'm so happy SEE has made it to your TBR piles :)!!1