Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vindicate Jan 11 2013

Return to the world of INSIGHT with VINDICATE, the fifth chapter in the epic series of light and darkness, of fate and romance. VINDICATE opens mere moments after the conclusion to VITAL. Willow stands over the collapsed bodies of Drake and Landen, both of whom have been entrapped by a mysterious other, whose mystical and seductive powers have not only endangered the lives of these two boys, but will have further repercussions which threaten to bring all of Esterious to ruin.

Willow will soon discover that Drake and Landen are in mortal peril, trapped in another plane known as The Realm. This haunting dream state is the birthplace of temptation - a dominion of unspeakable power and unimaginable danger. They must return, and soon; if they remain too long, their souls will be consumed and they will forever be lost to the darkness. To retrieve them, Willow must return to Infante and seek out a new group of allies, a new series of dangers, and an enigmatic twin of herself - a girl with her own troubles, fears, and demons.

War and death lie just beyond on the horizon. Astride the chasm between two worlds, Willow once again defies the forces of Light and Dark. In her most desperate hour, can she face her fears, rescue her soul mates, and thereby save an entire dimension from the brink of terrible conflict? Landen, Drake, and millions of other souls will die should she fail; but what will become of Landen and Drake should she succeed?

January 11, 2013


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  2. hi i have read all books love it how you have combined the see series with the insight series but is there going to be another book and how long do we have to wait really love reading the books and feeling rather impatient lol