Thursday, August 15, 2013

another Rivulet teaser

She nodded once. “What do you feel?”

A blushing smile came to the corners of my lips. “Warmth.”

Skylynn took in a sharp breath. “Okay.” She said as she carefully tied the scarf around my wrist. She whispered words and a gleaming blue light surrounded it then vanished. “This is not mine, and I will need it back one day, but for now it will keep you safe, it will keep the cold at bay, allow you to hide that side effect.”

“Who does it belong to?” I asked with a quake in my voice. I doubted I could stand in their presence. The energy was so powerful that it elevated me to a level that was out of control. It was breaking me free from the cage I’d put my soul in. The grief I was feeling vanished for an instant. I didn't feel like a fourteen year old at that moment. I felt like an old soul who'd found her way once again.

“That doesn’t matter right now … never take this off … water will bead off of it. No flame will burn it. I trust this with you, and I do not trust many.”

“It will hide the ice?” I asked not caring that I was feeding into the illusion of the moment.

Her blue eyes sparkled. “Nothing is strong enough to suppress any souls emotions, but it will help you control them. I’ll help you with the rest. No one will ever hurt you. This is your home. You belong here.”

Over the years Skylynn never aged a day, but I grew into the young woman I am now. She was always there, popping in and out right when I needed her. My own personal guardian angel that saved me every day of my life.

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