Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rivulet Teaser

I glanced at the beam just beneath my hand to see ice growing. I clenched my teeth and thought of every word or image that resembled fire wanting to hide this dangerous curse.
My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t breathe. I could not understand how I was at death’s door one instant and perched up here the next. No air would come. I kept seeing the ice, the water, the blood…that couldn’t have been a dream – could it? The last thing I needed was for my night terrors to return.
My wrist began to burn, then warmth eased through my hand, my arm, and my body. In my mind, I heard a familiar, deep whisper echo, ‘I’ve got you, Love. I’m never going to let you go.’ I clenched my wrist; the black scarf that was wrapped there, it was my magic, my defense, and most importantly at that moment it was my sanity.

Release date Fall of 2013

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