Monday, February 10, 2014


So what could possibly be better than releasing Blakeshire this week? (Even though I hit that publish button last week – could not resist!) How about a releasing a novella RIGHT after that?
So here is the deal, last fall the amazing SHELLY CRANE told me that her and a few other peeps were going to get together and all write and publish a little novella for the glorious lovers holiday: aka VALENTINES DAY. They wanted to know if I wanted to join in with this deal. Who could refuse??? I mean lets just face it Shelly Crane, Lila Felix, Amity Hope, Amber Gaza, and Rachel Higginson rock the love stories. The novellas will all be released independently (not in a box set), but there is something in common with all of these like, insane love affairs, and perhaps a common point each couple passed.
The deal was, though, that these novellas were to be spinoffs/extensions of existing couples in our own literary worlds…. All of you are very aware that MOST of my couples are tied up at the moment...that or they are still looking for each other. SO, for me, I could have thrown off some back story like Perodine and Donalt (the real one) meeting, or Brady and Felicity, something like that. OR I could have told the story of Aden & Skylynn ~ a story that has not been told yet, but one we all know is coming. I put it to a vote on the social pages and hands down Aden and Skylynn won. So then the plotting session began….
You see, the reason I release the novels in the order that I do is because even though each series has its own conflict there is one MASSIVE one as well. SO I can’t put the cart before the horse, if you will. There laid the challenge. How do I tell their story without allowing them to spoil another couples revelation? The answer? When you cannot go forward, go backward. And that is exactly what I did. Which ended up giving me a strange formula to say the least. Meaning aggressors became innocent, and peaceful souls became aggressive. And all of this happens before ‘Guardian’ known as Landen, ever crossed The Fall and landed in his first life in our dark reality. What I love about this story is seeing a different side of these characters, and I also love seeing where other characters across this series were back then. For in this short story you will come across, Landen Chambers ( known as Guardian Falcon in this book), his brother (which we know from the Rivulet series) Sebastian Falcon, his lover Genevieve Falcon, and Mason. As well as characters that are mentioned in passing such as Cashton, Cashton’s sister (who we know is Charlie), their parents. As well as a girl that is thought to one day rule obsession(wonder who that is lol ).
This is the Aden we know. But that is not who you will see in this story. In Derive, Aden has not found his drumsticks yet. He is a fierce warrior. This is the Skylynn we know. (Pretend there is long lavender hair there!) We know her to be fierce, dominate, an outright fighter….
But that is not the Skylynn in this story. In this story we meet her at her creation. Before life gave her no choice but to become what we know her to be today.
Aden is a leader of The Selected. Guarding the majestic FALL. One day those waters turn lavender.
And when he charges through the water, he finds a prophecy that was spoken over him at birth, and perhaps more…he finds a fallen angel.
This angel he finds, Skylynn, has seen the future, she knows what is ahead, and tries to warn him. To tell him that whatever prophecy he believes to be true is, in some way, wrong. Of course Aden is guarded in believing this, he just wants to hold her…

And when he has no choice but to believe it, he decides that he will cross that Fall and protect her from ever seeing the other side….
And I will stop now before I tell the ENTIRE STORY! I really am excited to see what you think of this couple!! The very last chapter of Derive lands us at the very end of BLAKESHIRE in present day. SO I thought it would be fun to pair both those books in a giveaway!!! Two winners will be chosen, one for each prize. GOOD LUCK!
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  1. Awesome Series! They keep getting better and better! Way to go Jamie! you are awesome!

  2. Derive is the shortest book in the Web of Hearts and Souls Series, but I believe that it is on of the most intense books out of them