Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week Four Destine Kings Voting Contest

Welcome to week FOUR! First and for most everyone congratulate: Kasye Latner for taking home Cameo Renae’s Hidden Wings! Gina Hutto for taking home Cameo Ranae’s In My Dreams! Alexa Sabean for taking home Janelle Stalder’s Switch!
Week ONE we voted on the most ROMANTIC KING – Landen Chambers the Destine King of Fear won that category ☺
Week TWO we voted on the most DOMINATE KING! Drake Blakeshire Destine King of Obsession WON that category ☺
Week THREE we voted on the most SEDUCTIVE King – annnnnnd Draven Michaels the destine King of SHOCK won that category!
OKAY so its week FOUR which means we are voting on the king with the most SWOON WORTHY GAZE….You know, that look they give you from across the room, or even that look they give just before the flesh of their lips meets yours?
(Pssssssst even if you just popped in and do not know these kings from Adam pick one - 14 BOOKS! You have to vote!) The soon to be kings: Landen Chambers (Insight Series) Destine King of Fear Draven Michaels (See Series) Destine King of Shock Phoenix Falcon (Rivulet Series) Destine King of Grief Vade (Imperial) Current King of Anger Drake Blakeshire (Blakeshire Series –originated in the Insight Series) Destine King of Obsession Aden Michaels (Derive Series – originated in the See Series) Destine King of Trepidation
WHO Has he most SWOON WORTHY GAZE ? That is the question this week….
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Who has the most SWOON worthy Gaze?
Landen    Drake   Draven    Phoenix   Vade   Aden      
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