Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week THREE: Most Seductive KING

Welcome to week Three! First and for most everyone congratulate: Kristen Allen for taking home Lila Felix’s BURNDEN & Forced Anatomy! Fran Agrifoglio for taking home Shelly Crane’s Devour & Consume! Tyra Stevenson for taking home A.M Hargrove’s Tragically Flawed & Exquisite Betrayal! (All of you are still in the contest for the grand prize of all 14 books!)
Week ONE we voted on the most ROMANTIC KING – Landen Chambers the Destine King of Fear won that category ☺
Week TWO we voted on the most DOMINATE KING! Annnnd Drake Blakeshire Destine KING OF OBSESSION WON!
OKAY so its week THREE which means we are voting on the most SEDUCTIVE king…. (Pssssssst even if you just popped in and do not know these kings from Adam pick one - 14 BOOKS! You have to vote!)
Remember: All votes keep you in the contest to win 14 Printed books – every book I have currently published AKA: The Web of Hearts and Souls. That prize along with the king that won all categories will be announced at the end of week 4. At the end of this week I will announce who won in the category AND the names of THREE lucky voters to win this weeks prize ---- are you ready for this?????? I have TWO amazing FRIENDS who happen to be authors and who also happened to donate eBooks to this weeks contest! How awesome is that???
SO there will be three names drawn at the end of this week. One winner will take home Cameo Rena HIDDEN WINGS ←Wow, right?!!! A second winner will take home Cameo Rena’s IN MY DREAMS!<3! ANNND the third will take home JANELLE STALDER’s SWITCH←- this book right here was one of my TOP fav’s of 2013 – SWOON!
Okay so lets vote so we can WIN! To enter vote AND put your info on the contest form so I can find you! Don’t forget that EVERY day you get to vote.
The soon to be kings: Landen Chambers (Insight Series) Destine King of Fear Draven Michaels (See Series) Destine King of Shock Phoenix Falcon (Rivulet Series) Destine King of Grief Vade (Imperial) Current King of Anger Drake Blakeshire (Blakeshire Series –originated in the Insight Series) Destine King of Obsession Aden Michaels (Derive Series – originated in the See Series) Destine King of Trepidation WHO IS THE MOST Seductive? That is the question this week….
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Who is the most Seductive King?
Landen    Drake   Draven    Phoenix   Vade   Aden      
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  1. wow lots of detail about the characters and I like that in books and series.

  2. Jamie's books are awesome! They are very detailed tats what's so amazing about them! Makes you feel like you are right in the story & that you know each of the characters personally