Saturday, August 2, 2014



 I have some exciting news! My next release is a new adult paranormal MC (motorcycle) story! (8/25/14)
 ^ That's a fun idea, I know! But what is awesome is that this story is a serial. I'm sure all of you lifted your brow at that, honestly I did too when the idea to publish this massive story in this fashion was presented to me.

Serial's are awesome and most definitely not a new thing, but more so one of those deals that have been around for generations - some of my favorite classics were written in this fashion. Here is the long and short of it - each episode is four chapters long (around 20k words), and there are twelve in every season. The episodes will publish every two weeks - unless the readers say otherwise (more on that later!). The episodes will resolve and issue as they simultaneously build to solve a conflict that stretches across the entire season.

The cover reveal is not until 8/11 but I wanted to give a sneak peak of this story before hand - so here is the trailer! If you'd like to help share the news of the release there is also a link right here where you can sign up to do so!
I want to share the EDGE


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