Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exaltation New Release & Free Books!

I have some good news! And it’s all about Exaltation, the next novel in the Web of Hearts Souls Set.

This novel is unique. I realize I say that about most of the books just before they emerge! (and in some way I try to make sure each novel does, in fact, have its own voice.)

The reason I say this is unique is because in some way it is a prequel to the entire Web of Hearts Set, along with the Adult Paranormal Serial, Edge.

The core of the story Raven BellaRose and her family tell us takes place when she is seventeen. Which means somewhere in the fictional world Willow, Charlie, Madison, and Indie are also seventeen—we do not encounter them until they are near the age of nineteen in their own novels.

Raven and her family touch on nearly every common aspect of the novels. Such as new souls, old souls—reincarnation, The Selected, Escorts, alternate dimensions, the Veil, The Realm, and of course, the ultimate prophecy of the rising Sovereign’s (the soul mates at the heart of every story) who will have to slay five Escorts before they take their reign. 
This novel has been patiently waiting for its turn to be released to the public and as its time neared I decided to strive to give this story, and each of the stories it prequels, the best chance I could in the literary world. 

With that being said—here is my GOOD NEWS. The publishing house of Amazon has asked to preview Exaltation exclusively for thirty days.

During this thirty-day period a sample of the novel, the cover, and blurb will be posted on their site. Clearly, they want to see if there is an interest in the story they are screening. What is awesome about this is READERS can nominate the story. AND IF the publishing house of Amazon selects this story to publish, EVERY reader who nominated the story receives an EARLY copy to read and review, and of course to thank you for nominating the novel.

No matter if it is selected or not, the novel will be published to the general public shortly after the preview time. It would make my day, my week, month, year—all I want for Christmas—if you could take a second to nominate this novel, and if you have one more second share the link with others! 

Here is the link!


I have also set up a Thunderclap campaign, it is an awesome service where you click your social network, and on the end date everyone who did will tweet, or post at once about this project—which will help, no doubt!
Click  here:  Thunder IT! 

Also! A different department of Amazon has been hosting the novels Impulsion and Rivulet exclusively for the last few months. As a thank you, they have allotted a few days where the novels are free. So, if you have not had a chance to pick up these novels or would like to 'one click' them as stocking stuffer gifts this is your (last) chance. The dates Impulsion will be available for a free download are Dec 12 &13.

The dates for Rivulet will be available for a free download are Dec 14-16. I want to thank you all for your continued support of these daydreams—readers make the gift of writing downright epic.

I hope you all are having a warm, safe holiday season!

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