Sunday, February 8, 2015



I have always adored bloggers, and in truth in the beginning I feared them more than agents and publishers combined. But today, as I go through the final steps of setting up a scavenger hunt for my latest release I have decided they are EPIC. 

Over half the prizes donated to this hunt were not given by ‪#‎authors‬. They were donated by ‪#‎bloggers‬. They gave swag, cash, and ebooks. Money and time from their own pockets given to other readers. Given in the name to broadcast a new release. Money they earned and surely could have found a thousand places to spend it other than this event.


I am truly humbled by them. These people receive zero compensation. They have a life outside of this book world, jobs, and families. And still, they read. They read and they promote and they communicate. They bring awareness and offer their honest opinion, saving the rest of us precious time, that no one seems to have, by telling us what to expect so we know if we want to indulge or not. These people live by what I enjoy expressing in my writing - they live by passion. They do this because they want to, not because they have to. They do it because they found something they love and want to share it. Releasing a book is never easy, it’s an emotional journey that will test every part of you. I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful people standing at my side, sometimes too silently, too obscure.

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